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DonCoin (DCNX)

A revolutionary way to bring the freelancing and cryptocurrency communities together.


Key players in our vast and decentralized team


Eldon ConceciaoManaging Director


Brigitte SolerAssistant Manager


ECBC TechnologiesDevelopment Team


Quirina HernandezFinancial Analyst and Advisor


faq_icon What is the purpose of DonCoin ?

It is our strong belief that any coin needs to be backed by a meaningful purpose and a business model. Our coin has a specific purpose which is to fuel our job portal platform. Employers need to acquire our coin in order to be able to post projects and hire freelancers. All purchases and sales will be made using our coin.

faq_icon What is the symbol of DonCoin ?

Every coin has a symbol. Bitcoin is BTC, Ethereum is ETH, Bitcoin Cash is BCH... The symbol of our coin is DCNX. Token contract address is 0xc08a04c0c47196bc63f883f4ea23aacc28158514

faq_icon Why DCNX is unique ?

Our coin is backed by a solid and ambitious business model translated into an amazing job portal that unites the freelancing and cryptocurrency communities in one place. It contain unique characteristics and specific purposes compared to other coins out there with no intrinsic value or actual purpose.

faq_icon I am not a venture capitalist or investor, can I still be part of the ICO ?

Sure, one of our goals is to create a world of opportunities that crosses the normal boundaries of ICOs. We believe everyone should be able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the world of cryptocurrency. You don't need to have a large amount of funds in order to be part of this futurist project.

faq_icon What is the minimum amount of token that I can buy ?

The minimum amount of tokens you can buy is 1000 tokens.

faq_icon Is there a maximum amount of token that I can buy ?

Yes, to ensure diversity and to prevent big investors from holding all the tokens, we decided to put a limit on the amount of token each user can buy. The maximum amount of tokens you can buy is 1,000,000 tokens.

faq_icon What is the benefit of buying or holding DCNX tokens ?

There are innumerous benefits but we can highlight some of the main benefits Let's say for example that you buy $10,000 worth of tokens during the first stage of the ICO. That would give you 250,000 tokens. By the time we finish the ICO, the price of each token will be $0.08 or more. That means you are already making profit just from holding the coins. From the $10,000 worth of DCNX coins, you turned it to $20,000. How exciting is that? A second benefit of holding our coins is that you already have a place to spend it. All transactions in our job portal platform is performed using our coin. You can use your coins to pay for services you need. Another benefit is that we will have an exchange modules where members can sell and buy token from each other which means you can easily sell your coins and exchange to other currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash, making immediate profit. Another benefit is that the price of our coin will naturally go up and mature over time, so token holders have the potential of making huge profits.

faq_icon How can I be sure that I will be able to sell or profit from my tokens ?

Once the ICO is over, no more coins will be sold. This means that all new users will need to buy coins from the current token holders in order to operate our website and buy services. That creates automatically a cycle of supply and demand among members. If you believe that the price of bitcoin and others mainstream coin will go up than you can be sure that our coin will also go up. We have a proprietary algorithm that rises the price of our coin internally based on the prices of bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash, plus also the demand and supply has its weight on the price.

our core features

Find jobs that interest you, apply and get hired.

Browse our universe of jobs opportunity, from Web development to Legal, the chances to win a job are unlimited. What are your skills? Web, database, php...? Just use our search feature and get hundreds or thousands of jobs you can apply to. Why wait? Get started now!

Hire the right freelancers for the job.

Finding the right expert freelancer to work on your project is key to a successful implementation of your vision and ideas. Hirefreelancerz offers you this opportunity to pick the best freelancers for your projects, from web development to content writing(you name it), is your one-stop shop for skilled freelancer.

Work remotely from anywhere.

Enjoy the freedom of freelancing! Manage your work from any location. Most of our clients are looking to hire freelancers online and build a relationship with them. This means you won't need to travel to a physical location to meet the client. Yes, you only need a computer and a connection to internet.

Manage your projects from anywhere.

Remember the days when you had to stay stuck, sitting on your office desk for endless hours in order to get the project of your dreams done? Well, no need to do that anymore. allows you to manage your projects from any location in the world. Yes, you only need a computer and a connection to internet.

Get paid quickly for your efforts.

While we make our efforts to ensure that the client gets the job done, we also make sure the freelancer gets paid quickly once job is delivered. Freelancer can receive payment within 48 hours or even less. Make you customer happy, get good review and get paid easily.

Pay only when job is done.

Your hard earned money deserves to be well spent. Here on Hirefreelancerz you only pay when you are satisfied with the delivered work. The amount you deposited stays on hold until project is completed and you accept it. We also have a refund policy in place in case you ever need to get a refund.

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