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Hire Freelancer


What is Hirefreelancerz?

In simple words, Hirefreelancerz is a freelancing platform where members can post and apply for jobs.
Employers post jobs and freelancers apply for jobs by sending proposals.
Employers review each proposal and then decide which freelancer to award the project.
Once freelancer completes the project and deliver, employer will review and mark as completed.
Freelancer is then paid upon acceptance of the work by the employer.
Employers and freelancers can rate their experience and post reviews for each project.
Freelancer can also sell service bundles in our Services Marketplace.

Do you charge any fees?

We don't charge any fees at the moment. All your earned dcnx tokens will go straight to you without any deducted fee.
Additionally we are currently offering 15% purchase bonus which means everytime you buy tokens you get additional bonus.

What is DonCoin?

DonCoin (DCNX tokens) is the fuel of our freelancing platform. All transactions are processed through DonCoin.
An employer can only pay for projects or buy services bundles by using dcnx tokens.
DonCoin is also a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum...) backed by a solid business model translated into our freelancer platform.
Please check DonCoin White Paper to learn more about DonCoin and its benefits.

What can I do with dcnx tokens?

The main purpose of dcnx tokens is to allow you to pay for services inside our freelancing platform. When you post a job or buy service bundles, you will need to use dcnx tokens to pay for that specific project or service bundle. You can also use dcnx to Advertise in our website.
You can sell dcnx tokens in external exchanges.
Clicke here to go to DCNX marketplace.
We will also have more systems in the future that will use DonCoin as method of payment.
Please check DonCoin White Paper to learn more about DonCoin and its benefits.

What is the current rate in USD for DonCoin?

1 DCNX = $ 0.0043

What is dcnx contract address?

DCNX contract address is 0xC08a04c0C47196bc63f883F4Ea23AacC28158514 . You can check it on etherscan here.

How can I get or earn DonCoin?

You get 50 DCNX tokens automatically after you create your account.
You can earn DonCoin by working on projects and performing tasks in our website. You can find projects here or you can sell services in our Services Marketplace.
You can also buy DCNX tokens. From your dashboard click the button "Deposit funds" and you will be redirected to the page where you can purchase the tokens. In the purchase page, just enter the amount in USD that you would like to deposit and the system will automatically calculate how many dcnx tokens you will receive (including 15% bonus).
The next step is to select the payment method. You can pay with Ethereum/Bitcoin or through Paypal.
After payment is cleared you will see your token balance in your dashboard.
If you have any questions or concerns about the purchase process please feel free to Contact Us.
You can also get DCNX tokens by inviting friends to our website using your referral link. when your referral buys DCNX tokens you get 15% commission.
Make sure you join our Facebook group, we have competitions and giveaway all the time and you can earn doncoin easily.

Is my project or work protected?

As an employer, your funds will only be released if you are satisfied with the work and the freelancer delivers what you asked.
As a freelancer, your work is also protected in the unlikely event of an employer refusing to pay for a job well done.
We have a dispute system where our team will investigate and resolve issues with projects.

Do I get a refund if something goes wrong?

All refunds are made in DCNX tokens and then you can sell/exchange to Ethereum.
We do not refund directly in Ethereum or USD because when you make a deposit, funds go automatically to buy tokens from current token holders. Therefore, if you need your funds back, you will need to sell your dcnx tokens and withdraw in ethereum.
Please Contact Us if you are not sure or need more information on how we process refunds.

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